Character Animator

Freelance 3D Creature & Character Animator

Covering the whole of the UK, Devon to London and beyond

I’m David Mattock a freelance 3D Character Animator and Creature Animator working throughout London and the whole of the UK.  I can create engaging character animation for vfx, film, broadcast, advertising and websites.  Whether you need a fun mascot brought to life of a fully animated TV commercial I can help animate it.

If you have read my about me page you will know I produce a range of animation from corporate to motion graphics, but I do have a passion for character and creature animation. I went through the Escape Studios intensive London training in character animation but some years later years I decided to take this further and get further educated.  I went through a 6 months online training course with Animation A Team in realistic creature animation.  We had to study animating real live animals as it was the basis that if you can animate real life creatures you could then animate fantasy creatures such as dragons and goblins etc much easier, its important to have this foundation.

The a few years later I then went through more than a year with iAnimate  in character animation for feature films.  This was very different as it involved bring more cartoony pixar style characters to life but in a very believable way.  We had to act out all our scenes and study our own video footage as reference.  I had lessons in body mechanics, facial animation, emotion and acting,  all to help the performance.

See my short Creature / Character animation reel below and please get in touch if you would like some animation like this.

Pip Squeak 3d animated squirrel character