A personal project of children’s art

After running my animation company successfully for 10 years I wanted to add another another element, something different I could slowly build.

Using my skills as an artists I have started a new personal project called Paper Steps.  It’s a collection of children’s illustrations you can customise to create fun wall art.

Check it out at https://papersteps.co.uk


I haven’t found any other children’s art stores that use 3D, so being a  3D animator I utilised this to create something different for some pieces with cute and quirky characters.

Read how it all came about here:  https://papersteps.co.uk/our-story/



Also available on Etsy here

Growing and Expanding

Since I moved my family back to the UK after two years in Brazil I have been expanding and growing steadily.  As my client list grew so did the workload and I found myself losing work or regularly telling clients I was booked up or they would have to wait for a while for me […]

New website launched

I’ve now created a brand new website that is fully responsive to work on tablets and smart phones,  and make the whole viewing experience much more pleasing, and also started a blog !  enjoy