Since I moved my family back to the UK after two years in Brazil I have been expanding and growing steadily.  As my client list grew so did the workload and I found myself losing work or regularly telling clients I was booked up or they would have to wait for a while for me to start their project.  So in March 2015 I partnered up with a trusted friend and fellow artists studio to allow myself to take on more than one project at a time.  This quickly became successful and now I always run multiple projects so my clients don’t lose out.

As well as animating myself as normal I am project managing a few other projects, still keeping the personal touch to every project.   As well as this small team for motion graphics, I have made a few very good relationships with other artists and freelancers to help with 3D work.  Not only does it strengthen a project but also allows for extra skillset that I perhaps was not an expert in.  For example I now can offer high end 3D product visualisation, or architectural and automotive 3d illustrations.   Check this out here:

Some of the projects I’ve utilised my new collaborations with artists are :